LAG Awards Money For New Banner Printer

Locally-made colour advertising banners up to 18m in length will be available to promote businesses on the islands and could be used for events like gig weekend or to welcome individual cruise liners.

That’s after the Local Action Group awarded £11,000 to Dave McBride for his island sign business. He’ll be able to buy the latest digital printing, laminating and design equipment.

LAG manager, Amanda Pender, said the new kit will allow Dave to produce better quality and higher resolution signage. He told the LAG that he has lost work to the mainland recently because he can’t do what some clients want with his existing equipment.

Amanda says the 60th award by the LAG is the first agricultural project to be funded, as they can now assist that sector.

Sarah Paulger of Borough Farm has been offered £33,148 for a farm shed and cold storage facility. The cooler will allow her business to extend the lifespan of her picked narcissi.

As expected, the £30,000 grant to obtain a stretcher for Skybus aircraft, so people with mobility difficulties can be flown to the mainland, also went through.

The LAG has now pledged a total of £1.5 million towards local projects.


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