Council To Make Improvements To Mundesley House

Mundesley House

The Council is working to help Mundesley boarding house achieve national minimum boarding standards.

Following a 2010 Ofsted inspection, there’ll be a change in procedures and improvements to the building.

Ofsted inspectors visited recently and the Council say they thought the boarding provision was good.

Ofsted said that Off-Islands youngsters who stay at Mundesley during term time are well cared for and the relationship between staff and pupils was like a big family, something they viewed as a strength.

But they do want to put in place a way of monitoring the youngsters’ welfare.

Head of Children’s Services, Penny Penn-Howard, told Councillors that two experts were being brought in to the school, including a Cornwall head teacher, who would help the boarding house reach statutory requirements and assist the acting head teacher in improving special educational needs provision.

Councillor Richard McCarthy asked Penny who that would be, as he wanted openness but she told the full Council meeting that there hadn’t been a firm appointment yet.

One of the houseparents will now visit four hostels in Cornwall to assess their best practice.

Ofsted’s report calls for some maintenance work, such as fixing damaged glass in a door. The Council say they surveyed the building last year and the roof has been repaired.

The hostel will be decorated in time for the autumn term and new beds, furniture, lighting and storage will be bought.

The youngsters have also asked for a bike shelter and the Council is considering the request.


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