Lifeboat Called To Boat Lost In Fog

St Mary’s lifeboat ‘The Whiteheads’

St Mary’s lifeboat, under the command of coxswain Stuart Hitchens, was called out last night to help sailors who were lost in the thick fog.

Falmouth coastguard received a call from someone on Tresco who heard their cries for help. They also spoke with one of the five people on board the 12ft open boat ‘What’s Her Name’ at just past 11pm.

They were trying to cross from Tresco to St Martin’s but became disorientated when visibility fell to around 3 metres.

The Coastguard say they had a torch and a mobile but no radio and they did the right thing in putting down the anchor and calling 999. All crew had lifejackets.

They were safely ashore in Lower Town at just after midnight.