Council Warning Over Unregistered Child-minders

Carn Thomas

The Council is warning that islanders who are paid to care for children under the age of 8 years could be breaking the law if they do it for more than two hours a day.

And even if you don’t receive cash but are given gifts and rewards, you could be prosecuted.

Children’s Services staff want anyone looking after children to register so they can be inspected by OFSTED to ensure they meet standards of care.

Child-minders need to undergo CRB checks and hold adequate insurance too.

Recently the national child-minding association’s Liz Elmore visited the islands to develop their working relationship with the Council.

Joel Williams says he’s not aware of any issues or complaints from parents or registered child care providers, but his team want to remind people that there are rules and regulations surrounding childcare.

It does remain legal for relatives to look after under 8’s, babysitters can still provide care between 6pm and 2am and a nanny can look after a child within their home.

More information on what is allowed is available at their Carn Thomas office.