Police Contacts Prove Invaluable

PC Mat Collier

A policeman in Scilly has helped a stranded family see the best side of our islands.

As the weather closed in yesterday, the last helicopter to Penzance was grounded leaving departing guests unable to fly.

Merryn Smith was on duty at the British International Helicopters check-in desk and had to find places to stay for 21 stranded people.

Merryn says St Mary’s Hall Hotel and Westford House offered sympathetic rates for the guests spending an extra night, but one family needed three sets of fluid and storage for contact lenses.

He says one set would not have been a problem but finding three was a challenge and after a number of calls it wasn’t looking good.

But following a call from Merryn, who is also a special constable, PC Mat Collier came to the family’s rescue. He only wears lenses for half the time and offered the travellers his spares.

Mat says it’s all down to the police using their ‘contacts’ in the community.