Discussions Take Place Over Fire-Damaged Vessel

Scilly’s maritime officer is involved in discussions with regional emergency planners and maritime agencies who are watching the movements of a damaged ship with a hazardous cargo.

Falmouth Coastguard received a mayday call from the MSC Flaminia on July 14th following an explosion when she was 1,000 miles from land, mid way between the UK and Canada. One man died following the blast.

Steve Watt says he’s now been brought up to date on her movements in nine separate telephone conferences.

She’s currently in international waters, 200 miles off Scilly, seeking a sheltered anchorage where they can stabilise the cargo. The plan is for tugs to lead her to Rotterdam but Falmouth has also been suggested as a port where they can address her 10% list.

There’s interest in the vessel because of several unpleasant substances on board.

The boat is carrying explosive items like nitromethane, phosphorus and refrigerator gases.

Some of her containers have ruptured and some have gone overboard. But Steve says the Atlantic drift means they’re likely to be sent up the West coast of Ireland if they haven’t sunk by now, rather than come towards us.