Council Auctions Old Fire Truck On eBay

The Council of the Isles of Scilly has found a novel way to recycle its old vehicles. It’s selling a former airport fire tender on eBay.

The bright red Fire Service Land Rover, first registered in 1980, has been part of the Isles of Scilly fire brigade fleet since 1993 but was recently replaced with a newer tender.

Airport Fire Service Manager, Howard Cole, told us the vehicle is no longer required as it’s been superseded by modern 4×4 vehicles.

He says the Land Rover was a superb and versatile vehicle in its time. But there comes a time when maintenance costs and accessing spare parts start to weigh against a newer vehicle.

Howard says the Fire Crew came up with the idea of using eBay to sell the vehicle as it seemed a good way of reaching as many people as possible and the Council were receptive to a new way of doing business.

He admitted he doesn’t know how popular it will prove but knows there are people out there who would enjoy this type of restoration project.

The entry on eBay says the vehicle has been maintained to a high standard by the fire brigade during its service, and mechanically it’s in good order, with the exception of a few minor electric faults. But the bodywork has suffered over the years and requires a lot of restoration work.

Bidding starts at £1,500 and closes on the 12th August.