Tesco Say They’re Not To Blame For Helicopter Pullout

Tesco say they should not be blamed for the closure of the Penzance to Scilly helicopter service.

BIH stated that the supermarket’s judicial review into Cornwall Council’s approval of Sainbsury’s planning application to build a store on the heliport site was one of the reasons they decided to close the route in November.

It’s brought an angry reaction from locals. The Council is writing a letter of complaint to Tesco’s head office and Councillor Sheila Thomas has encouraged locals to boycott the store.

She’s told her Facebook friends that, after 5 years, she’s taking her trade to Asda.

Tesco called her yesterday afternoon following her comments.

They say they objected because they want the helicopters to continue and felt Cornwall Council should have insisted that BIH operated from elsewhere when granting planning consent to Sainsbury.

Michael Kissman, Tesco’s UK Community and Property Communications Director, said they wrote to Cornwall Council in July to explain their concerns and he says there were actions that could have been taken. Tesco want Cornwall Council to put in place a legal agreement that would ensure the helicopter service continues.

Michael says their legal challenge is not against BIH but Cornwall Council, because they want to ensure the helicopter service continues in the future.

And he says Tesco will contact the Council of the Isles of Scilly to try and clear up any misunderstanding.


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