‘Round The Island’ Sailing Race This Weekend

The annual Round-The-Island sailing race will be taking place tomorrow and organisers expect around 70 boats to take part.

Sailing Club secretary, Truan Hick, said many visitors come down to Scilly especially to join the race, either renting dinghies here or bringing their own boats over.

And he said there are usually a couple of gigs taking part as well.

There are also a number of different categories being fought over including modern and traditional boat types, as well as cups for junior sailors, Tresco boats, Sailing Centre boats and a wooden spoon trophy for the last boat home.

The race will be setting off from St Mary’s at 10.30am and heading out clockwise around the island before finishing on St Agnes. There’ll be a post-race gathering at the Turks Head pub.

Truan says they’ve got volunteers to help with the starting line and the water taxi but said a few extra people would make things easier.

They’re also keen to find people who can follow the race in escort boats. They’ll keep an eye on competitors if they get into trouble and contact the safety boats, and the sailing club have offered to cover their petrol costs.

The weather forecast is uncertain at the moment, but Truan said they’ll make a decision on the final start at a pre-race briefing at 9am on Sunday morning.

He said they’d like competitors to come along to that if they can or at least contact the organisers to say if they’re starting the race.

The race, which traditionally takes place on the first weekend in August, was postponed last year due to poor conditions and took place two weeks later with only around 30 boats.


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