Unusual Finches Found Nesting On St Mary’s

A sisken being ringed by a volunteer

A type of finch rarely seen in this part of the World has been found for the first time on St Mary’s.

Three different breeding pairs of sisken, often found in Central and Northern Europe, are nesting around Innisidgen and Wildlife Trust worker Bob Dawson says he’s been watching them from nest building to fledging.

Bob says some birdwatchers suspected the finches were breeding on St Martin’s last year but they can’t be sure because they didn’t monitor the nest closely.

Sisken are relatively social and they nest in loose groups.

Bob’s not sure why they are breeding there but it may be because birdfeeders have been maintained nearby.

Pairs have bred in Cornwall and they may have come over here and bred again afterwards.

The birds have been trapped, ringed and released by some regular visiting birders.