Helicopter Pullout: Tresco Estate Says It’s Business As Usual

New Grimsby Harbour, Tresco

Robert Dorrien-Smith says it’s ‘business as usual’ for Tresco Estate in the wake of the announcement that the helicopter service to that island will end in November.

Tresco has enjoyed a dedicated route from Penzance since 1983 and the loss of the service could potentially hit them hardest.

But in an upbeat statement issued by the Estate, Mr Dorrien-Smith said: “Tresco remains one of the most beautiful places in the world. My family and all Estate employees will continue to dedicate ourselves to protecting, enhancing and strengthening a place which is unique within the British Isles.”

Robert said the Estate’s immediate concern is to assure visitors that preparations have been made for this eventuality.

He said the closure of the route is regrettable but the uncertainty surrounding the helicopter and Penzance heliport has led to a weakened service. With the decision having been made, he adds, we are all now able to move forward with real purpose.

Robert reassured visitors that the Steamship Company will be able to deal with the extra capacity and that they will be offering a bespoke transfer service from arrival on the islands to departure.

“We aim to put in place a seamless travel experience suitable for all abilities and age groups” he says.

Robert adds, “Despite the sadness that will be brought by the loss of the helicopters in November, I believe that this will also be an opportunity to co-ordinate and develop a cohesive transport system that ultimately will be to the benefit of us all.”


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