Governors Appoint Consultant To Board

The Five Islands School

The Five Islands School governors have appointed a consultant to help them “get back on their feet.”

New chair of the governors, Ben Julian, said they have asked John Sullivan, who wrote the report into the petition of no-confidence in the former head, to continue in an advisory role.

He’s been voted onto the governing body as an ‘associate’ but will not have voting rights.

Ben said the board has been through a very difficult period and was without a chair and vice chair for part of that. He says they’ve also lost a lot of experience and they need to “go back to the start” to get everything set up in the right way.

Ben says as volunteers, the governors have a “mountain” of legal and administrative information that they need to tackle and John will be guiding them on that.

John was recommended by North Somerset Council who partner with our Local Education Authority and has served previously in the role of teacher, head, governor, and director of children’s services.

While they’re still developing John’s remit, Ben says he will help them make sure they’re focussing in the right areas, including the process of recruiting a new head teacher. He’ll also be supporting the current acting head teacher, Liz Duffy-Griffiths.

Ben says there is no set time for Liz to serve as acting head, as that role is only in existence while there’s no head in place, and he says they hope to start the recruitment process soon.

Ben also says that the legal letter sent by the governors to the Council has been put on the back burner while they concentrate on other matters, including building the relationship with the Local Authority.

He expects the summer holiday period to be a bit quieter and says the governors will next meet on the 5th September.