Planners Refuse uPVC Windows

Planners have refused permission for uPVC windows to be installed in a Hugh Town property.

Owners of Quay House at The Bank, wanted to replace a first floor timber bay window and smaller adjacent window on the front of the property with uPVC wood-grain sash units.

A previous application last year was also refused.

The applicant said the new units would improve energy efficiency and sound insulation.

In his report, Chief Planning Officer, Craig Dryden, said that the adjoining property, Buckingham House, contained uPVC windows, which did not appear to have the benefit of any planning consent. But virtually all the other buildings in the area of The Bank have timber windows.

The AONB Planning Consultative Panel felt uPVC windows would detract from the quality of the streetscape and the character of the building.

But Fred Ticehurst said he’d been stood outside a door earlier that day and he couldn’t tell whether it was plastic or wood.

He said there are repeated complaints of noise in the area from two nearby pubs and double-glazing would reduce that.

Fred added that he felt they sometimes apply this condition “out of habit” and by insisting on replacing “timber with timber” sometimes the work just doesn’t get done.

Against the Chief Planning Officer’s recommendation, Fred proposed approval of the plans although other members voted against that. Councillors eventually voted to refuse the application.


2 Responses to Planners Refuse uPVC Windows

  1. George Kershaw August 1, 2012 at 4:54 pm

    I agree with IanT.
    New PVC wood imitation windows are very realistic and the advantages of them are plain to see.
    Plastic windows have been allowed in other sensitive areas with good effect.
    I can’t see what the problem is here.

  2. IanT. August 1, 2012 at 3:56 pm

    As someone who spent many thousands of pounds replacing complicated sash windows in a property very near Quay House, I can sympathise with the owners. However, having been forced to use timber (we used expensive hardwoods with double glazed units for longevity and insulation) for our windows we were told to paint them white by the planners..! To this day these superb windows look scruffy as the weather ravages them. My property here on the mainland has wood effect windows and, like Fred Ticehurst says, it is difficult to tell that they are UPVC but, more importantly to me, I can give them a quick wipe down and they look like new – no staining, no painting..!