Islanders Support Rail Franchise Campaign

Penzance Railway Station

Scilly’s member of Parliament says he’s had over a dozen emails from islanders and regular visitors who are unhappy that there could be fewer through trains from London to Penzance from July next year.

Some people have written to voice concern about the additional difficulties passengers may face having to change trains at Plymouth if the number of through trains is cut from 9 to 6.

The franchise tender documents ask applicants to tender for both levels of service. Andrew George says he’s started a petition and more feedback will help him encourage the Minister to back applicants who don’t want to cut the services when they put in their bids for the 15-year franchise.

The closing date is October and the winner will be announced in March.

The Government has made the 6-day sleeper service a franchise requirement.

First Great Western Trains, GW Trains, NX GW and Stagecoach have all stated an interest in running the service.


One Response to Islanders Support Rail Franchise Campaign

  1. IanT. August 1, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    My wife and I use the train to get to Penzance for economic reasons (the return fare is less than two days parking at the heliport) as well as pleasure (as driver I get to see the countryside). We book an Intercity but if our return from Scilly is delayed we can be forced to use the ‘two-coach wonder’. This can be a nightmare! If we are lucky we can get a seat but our luggage will become buried under heaps of others which block the gangways as well. We have to leave our seats at least ten minutes before our desitination to retrieve our cases and fight our way to an exit. This is all totally unacceptable for many reasons especially safety.
    I have no real problem with the Intercity trains terminating at Plymouth as long as the onward journey to and from Penzance is adequately provided for as it always was when diesel locos first replaced steam and the two-coach wonders hadn’t been thought of.