PC Marc Blyth Leaving Islands This Week

PCs Marc Blyth (left) and Mat Collier

It’s all change on the islands’ police beat this week.

PC Marc Blyth and his family are leaving the islands after three years of service in Scilly.

Unlike St Mary’s, where he effectively lives over the shop, Marc will commute to Penzance police station from elsewhere in Cornwall.

He says he’s enjoyed his time here because of the sense of being truly part of the community, which he says alters the nature of the work. And he wouldn’t have missed the chance to serve here because of the experiences he’s had and the wonderful environment he’s enjoyed with his wife and family.

But Marc thinks it’s a shame the officers can’t extend their posting much beyond three years.

Marc says mainland duties will never compare to what he’s learned in Scilly.

Because of the small size of the team and the strength of community, he’s built close contacts, which you wouldn’t necessarily find in policing on the mainland and many officers tend to work away for their stations and keep their occupation quiet.

Marc says the types of incidents he’ll be dealing with on the mainland are also likely to be worse than the majority of calls here on the islands.

He recalled that one of his most memorable moments will be telling off BBC nature presenter Chris Packham for feeding chips to the gulls on Porthcressa

Marc says the close liaison with the school and the chance to work with youngsters on 999 week has been one of the highlights here. He says mainland life will be very different as an officer is always on call in Scilly, but also lives within the community he or she polices and that’s not the normal pattern elsewhere.

PC Faye Webb will arrive from Plymouth to fill Marc’s vacant position in two weeks time and his best advice for her is just to become involved in islands’ life.