Call Triggers Police Alert

St Mary’s Police were relieved to discover that an emergency call made on Friday evening hadn’t been made by an islander in distress, despite what the call centre staff thought.

A 999 call came into the centre in Plymouth and staff were concerned to hear a male voice shouting, counting down repeatedly and what they thought was ranting.

When the line went dead, they traced the subscriber using mobile records to a St Mary’s address and despatched Sergeant Colin Taylor.

However, it seems a bag containing rowers phones on the Shah gig was pressed and one handset called the emergency number while out on the water during Friday’s swap race.

Colin says everyone’s probably done something similar at some point, himself included. And he said they wouldn’t always send out an officer to investigate, it would depend on the level of concern from the operator.

Colin says he’s pleased as this shows how good the technology is at getting officers to people when they appear to need assistance.

Although the only assistance needed was in the mobile owners’ rowing. The Shah came last.