Touch Rugby Event To Go Ahead

The Council has dropped plans to host its own tag rugby event after an organiser of the existing tournament complained.

Ben Kirk has been developing islanders’ rugby skills for 20 years and, with his colleague Rob Hughes, has regularly hosted beach rugby sessions on Porthcressa in August.

Each year, they’ve invited RFU coaches Mike Bratt and Phil Morris to take part in the weekend.

Ben says he was surprised to read the Council’s sports programme, which featured an event with the same mainland experts, on the same weekend, but which restricted participation to children aged over 8 years. They’d have to pay to take part.

After Ben complained yesterday, he was called back by a Council officer who said they would bow out of hosting their version of the event.

Ben said he’s pleased the matter is resolved and it’s business as usual for their free weekend, without age restrictions, on the 11th and 12th of August. There’ll be training and induction on the Saturday and a tournament on the Sunday.

Council Press officer George Pearson says the Council will update people of any changes to the printed programme of events ‘in due course’ but declined to comment further.

Touch or tag rugby avoids the contact that is part of the traditional game and greatly reduces the risk of injury.