Theatre Group Visiting Scilly

Four nights of outdoor theatre starts this evening on Tresco with the annual visit of the Miracle Theatre Company.

The Redruth-based company of six are on a UK-wide tour of Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Importance of Being Earnest.’

After tonight’s show at the Abbey Gardens, the company will move to St Mary’s for weekend performances at the Chaplaincy Gardens.

Dominic Power plays Dr Chasuble and Lane, the Butler. Dom says everyone waits for the Lady Bracknell ‘handbag’ line but won’t say how it’ll be played.

Dom says they chose the play because they know it’ll be crowd pleaser and he says the Islands’ crowd is usually a good audience.

And he says they are glad the weather forecast in Scilly will be good because they had a washout one night at the Minack theatre, which soaked all the actors during the last scene.

Dom says the audience is welcome to bring food and drink and some places they’ve visited have seen people picnicking in style. At one stately home, people turned up with tables, wine glasses, champagne and strawberries. And at least one actor managed to get a glass on the way to the stage.

Dom says playing in Scilly is special for the cast because it feels almost like the whole island has come to watch.

Ciarian Clarke has joined Miracle for his first tour with the company this year. He plays Jack Worthing, the protagonist, and says he’s made the character dimmer than you may have seen in the play before.

Ciarian says each show and each audience is different with subtle differences added.

He says that nothing has gone wrong on the night so far although he almost lost the important handbag prop one night.

Ciaran says as most of the shows are outdoors the actors need to make things bigger as some of the audience can be quite far away. And he suffered from a sore throat at the start of the tour because of the need to speak louder.

But Ciarian says he can still enjoy his days in Scilly despite having to go on stage and perform each night.