Scilly Register Office Sets Fees

Registrar Sarah Handy

The costs of some civil ceremony or register office services in Scilly will increase by less than inflation so the islands stays competitive.

Superintendent Registrar Sarah Handy has told Councillors that he attendance of a registry office team at St Mary’s venues will rise from £375 this year to £379 in 2013.

Councillor Richard McCarthy felt the increase, at under 0.5%, was trivial but Sarah said she’d researched costs in other areas and Scilly needed to offer similar charges.

She also said people coming here face higher costs for transport and accommodation and that needed to be taken into account.

Sarah told Councillors that she’d look into increased opening hours when the new register office opens at Porthcressa. She had decided not to proceed with a plan to sell confetti and disposal cameras as, on reflection, she feels local businesses should benefit from that trade.

From this year religious premises can apply for a civil partnership service licence. Sarah said that was hard to price but her department has settled on a 5-year licence for £1,000.