More Changes To Old Town Sea Wall

Councillors have agreed more changes to the controversial additions to the sea wall at Old Town.

Chief Planning Officer, Craig Dryden, provided an update on work at the site, which has previously drawn complaints from the community following the installation of wooden sleepers to raise the height of the wall.

Contractors also installed large drainage covers into the wall, which were subsequently removed following a public outcry.

Craig brought a sample of grey, non-slip material, which contractors wanted to install on the surface. However, he said he had concerns over the look and durability of this and asked Councillors to consider removing that condition.

He also said some beams needed replacing and suggested filling the ugly boltholes with timber stoppers.

The Vice Chair of Council, Amanda Martin, said she had a “terrible sense of déjà vu” over the discussion and was “lost to know why we’re here after all this time.”

She said she was “personally not happy” with the non-slip material and suggested using resin with local sand on top as a possible solution.

Craig said that’s possible although he’d want to see a sample.

Roy Duncan felt they should just have wood stoppers in the holes and leave it at that. He said he didn’t think they should be encouraging people to walk along that high wall anyway.

And Brian Lowen thought the timber beams had blended in well with the concrete wall now they’ve weathered.

John Goddard asked whether they’d need to put up a sign warning people not to walk along the wall which prompted Chairman, Gaz O’Neil to say he “hoped not, lest we have to put one up advising people not to walk into the sea.”

Planners finally agreed to remove the need for a non-slip surface and to fill the boltholes.


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