Council And Duchy To Work More Closely

Hugh House, the offices of the Duchy of Cornwall

The Council of the Isles of Scilly and the Duchy of Cornwall are to arrange regular formal meetings to discuss issues and ways to work together.

There used to be formalised meetings which were set up around 20 years ago but most Councillors only realised they haven’t have one for around 5 years when they were choosing representations for the panel.

Councillor David Pearson felt this could be an important committee and the Council needed to remind the Duchy that it was set up at their behalf.

Sir Bertie Ross, the Duchy Chief Executive, pays one or two formal visits a year, said Councillor Richard McCarthy, and he suggested scheduling the meetings for those times.

And Richard said the current Land Steward, Chris Gregory, is very active in tourism, farming and the Local Action Group and meets Council members on a regular basis.

Chris Gregory told ScillyToday that he, like Councillors, is keen to re-establish meetings as the Council and Duchy work closely together on many issues.

He says an opportunity to deliberately take the time to consider matters of strategic and topical significance could be beneficial.