Olympics Affecting Hotel Occupancy

The Olympics seems to be affecting the occupancy levels of some hotels in Scilly.

Both the Star Castle Hotel and Bryher’s Hell Bay Hotel say they have had regular guests cancel or rearrange visits because they have been successful in getting tickets.

Zoe Parry from the Star Castle says she was contacted last week by a visitor who will drop a day from his St Mary’s visit because he has tickets for the men’s 200 metres final.

Their availability is much higher than normal.

Philip Callan says Hell Bay is full until Saturday and then there’s a big fall in occupancy levels of his 25 rooms throughout the games.

Chris Jones of the Bell Rock Hotel says August isn’t looking good at all with a 25% fall in numbers.

It’s the first season as a Scilly hotelier for both Carina Luscombe and Neil Moorton.

Carina says Tregarthen’s Hotel isn’t traditionally busy in July and August and that’s the pattern this year.

Neil says the Atlantic Hotel remains booked by tour parties so they don’t directly take all the bookings but numbers appear down.

Joan Shiles at St Mary’s Hall Hotel says it’s too simplistic to blame the games for the downturn.

Joan says August has been consistently quieter for three years adding that Kier workers who stayed with the hotel during the school build boosted last year’s occupancy so the difference they made is noticeable. St Mary’s Hall has around 52% occupancy in August, down from 78% last year.

But one hotelier is adamant that London 2012 has made no impact. Keith Bradford says there’s no difference in the booking level for St Martin’s Hotel and he didn’t expect it.