MP Won’t Ask Government To Split Quay Project Funding

Scilly’s MP says he won’t ask the Department for Transport to separate the St Mary’s Quay improvement plans from the Penzance scheme.

After the Route Partnership failed, the Government said they’d only release their cash when improvement plans for both sides of the sealink were ready.

Andrew George believes that the mainland project is only six months behind St Mary’s but there are concerns that Penzance won’t make the deadline for European grants, which makes up half of the £8m funding. That means the St Mary’s Quay improvements rely on the mainland project succeeding.

The MP admits it’ll be tight but still feels that the Penzance scheme is achievable.

Scilly’s Council Chairman, Mike Hicks, wants our quay plans to be unbundled from the Penzance scheme so we don’t miss out on millions of pounds of European cash because of their delays.

But Andrew said he wasn’t asked by the Council to split out the St Mary’s quay project yesterday.

The MP says he’d support the St Mary’s scheme going alone if the Penzance project failed but not yet, as he thinks their quay improvements still have time.

He says he wants our islands’ Council to try and convince Cornwall Council to get involved and save the Penzance Quay project.