Commercial Fridge Gets Neighbours Hot Under The Collar

Plans to build a shed to house a commercial fridge at the back of a property in Hugh Town have been rejected by planners.

St Austell Brewery had installed the large fridge at the back of their Grade II listed, staff accommodation house, Trekieve, in Hugh Street. It’s used to store food for the Atlantic Hotel and Inn, but residents have complained about the noise.

They’ve applied to house it in a large shed, measuring 4m by 2m, which they say should dampen the noise.

However, neighbours wrote letters of complaint, saying the shed was unlikely to reduce the sound and questioning whether this type of development was appropriate in a residential area.

One resident stated in their letter that the noise from the fridge was “constant, overwhelming, irritating and exasperating.”

They want the fridge removed altogether and the Chief Planning Officer, Craig Dryden, had recommended refusal, as he didn’t feel the shed would reduce the noise problem, and felt the building would be out of character for a listed building.

Vice Chair Amanda Martin said they had to be ‘very careful’ about domestic premises being used as an extension of a business. She said residents needed to be protected in such a densely populated area.

And Councillor David Pearson was concerned abut the appearance of the rear of buildings in Hugh Town. He said he’d spent some time living in Blackpool where, “the fronts of buildings look good but the backs are not cared for.”

Councillors voted to reject the application and Councillor Brian Lowen wanted the Authority to go even further and enforce the removal of the fridge altogether.

Craig said they didn’t have the powers to remove the equipment straight away but said enforcement notices would be issued.