Police Crime Figures Show Scilly Amongst Safest Places In UK

Scilly, Cornwall and Devon are still among the top ten safest places to live in the UK, according to Home Office figures released this morning.

Devon and Cornwall Police recorded the seventh lowest crime rate of the 43 forces in England and Wales.

There was a 6% increase in crimes during the 12 months to the end of March 2012, a total of 91,808 crimes, but the crime level is lower than that recorded in 2010. In Devon and Cornwall, 55 people out of 1,000 were victims of crime, while that figure is 61 per 1000 across the South West region and 72 across the whole of England and Wales.

Across the force, drugs and criminal damage cases are down 4% but burglary is up.

The Devon and Cornwall force has a 28% detection rate compared to the national and regional averages of 27%.

From Radio Scilly

This week’s edition of Island Beat with PC Marc Blyth

Here in Scilly, PC Mark Blyth says 22 crimes have been recorded so far this year. These included one domestic burglary, one commercial burglary, when tools went missing from the old school site, and two cases of assault.

Other crimes included criminal damage, public order offences, theft and a drink driving case.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says there have been no ‘life changing’ assaults reported and overall, the crime figures here are ‘comfortably low.’

This contrasts with last year when there were over 70 recorded crimes in Scilly.

Mark says the actions of a handful of extra workers who came over in 2011 as part of the school build project did increase police activity.

Mark says he’s pleased that nothing at all has happened this week apart from lost property matters.