Campaign To Increase Teenage Voting In Scilly

Sue Pritchard wants to encourage younger islanders to vote.

The Council’s administration officer will be sending all 18 year olds in Scilly a birthday card to remind them when they are eligible.

Councillor Richard McCarthy backed the idea but he said the choice of card or message would have to be considered and shouldn’t appear patronising.

Councillors agreed the plan as Sue reported that it will cost a minimal amount and will raise Council performance standards.


One Response to Campaign To Increase Teenage Voting In Scilly

  1. Stuart July 19, 2012 at 12:31 pm

    If only the local council elections offered us the choice to have a negative vote, i.e. I vote that this person is NOT elected. Or even the option of “none of the above”.
    At least we could stop the 21 IOS council seats being filled by the same 21 people that stand every four years