Council Reviews Responses To Key Worker Consultation

A consultation on the Council’s key worker policy has brought just four responses.

A panel of Councillors, the Director of Planning and the Housing Officer have been reviewing the process for awarding the status, and the group asked for feedback earlier this year.

Residents who hold key worker roles can occupy ring fenced housing and new property developments are only approved for islanders with that status.

There are currently two categories of key worker status – the first is granted automatically to teachers, doctors and many health and public utility workers who maintain essential services.

Council staff with statutory roles, the positions the Council has to fill by law, are also included.

The review outlines a second level of key worker, which is subject to an individual assessment.

It includes Council staff that support the Category 1 key workers, especially if their roles have been difficult to fill locally, and some tradespeople who provide a service which supports islands’ life. English Heritage liked the recognition of having suitably trained people available here.

Key workers can’t be on temporary contracts and would have to work over 21 hours a week to be eligible but the Chief Fire Officer warned that means some of the fire and rescue service couldn’t gain that status.

People who have mainland property or savings, which mean they could afford to rent on the open market here, can’t get the status either.

A St Mary’s couple suggested that nobody should gain key worker status if they had any property or business on the mainland. They also wanted key worker accommodation for teachers and medical staff offered for a limited period only. Then, unless they can prove hardship, they should have to buy or rent on the open market

The feedback to the draft policy will be discussed by the Planning Committee, who will finalise the policy in the autumn.


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