Sea Swimming Holiday Company Visiting Scilly

Swimmers on last year's holiday

A group of around 25 visitors will be here for the first of two swimming trips this week.

Seatrek arrange sea swimming holidays and founder Simon Murie says most of their clients are coming to Scilly for the first time.

The company arranges tours to 23 worldwide locations including Croatia, Sicily, Mexico and the British Virgin Islands.

But Simon says the cost of travel to our islands is affecting their booking levels, despite the interest there is in Scilly, so they’ve decided to merge the three annual tours into two. But they’re still bringing over more clients than last year, he says.

The company is doing what it can to help cushion to cost of transport to the islands including arranging car-shares with other travellers.

Simon says our climate means that Scilly will never be as popular with sea swimming groups as some of their other destinations. He says the temperature of the water is even colder than their Inner Hebrides trip and that puts 90% of clients off.

Swimtrek is planning a slightly different schedule next week. Previously the swimmers have crossed between the islands but Simon says, following clients suggestions, they will be following the coastline of some of the islands this time, particularly around St Martin’s and St Mary’s.

He said this will allow more time for swimmers to explore the bays and inlets around our islands.