Buzza Planning Decision Could Go To Inspectorate

The decision on whether a camera obscura will be allowed on the Buzza Tower may be made in Bristol and not Scilly.

Councillors deferred voting on the proposal in the May planning meeting.

Neighbours objected over privacy concerns and although the applicant had restricted the camera’s field of vision, Councillors wanted more detail on the technical side of the application.

They asked for a site visit but haven’t resolved the matter within the required eight weeks. Applicant Andrew Combes says a decision should have been made by the 8th of June.

Chief Planning Officer Craig Dryden confirmed that the Planning Inspectorate can take over if there’s a delay.  But he says the Council generally meet their targets.

This same procedure was followed last year when the owners of Hanjaque on Bryher successfully appealed to the Planning Inspectorate because the Council took too long to determine their application.