Another Governor Quits School Board

Dave Stone

Another Five Islands School governor has quit.

Dave Stone says he couldn’t go on because he wasn’t comfortable with decisions made by the Local Authority and the governing body.

He doesn’t regret serving on the governing body because it gave him a “fascinating insight” and that’s prompted him to ask that islanders don’t criticise governors, “until you know the full picture.”

Dave says the complex work was very challenging with what he alleges is, “interference from the local authority.”

The Council’s Lead Member for Children, David Pearson, has previously told us that the authority’s involvement has been on behalf of the children and with the youngsters’ interest at heart.

Despite the pressures on the governing body in the aftermath of the suspension and resignation of the school head teacher, four additional parents had offered to serve as governors by yesterday’s closing date for nomination.

There are two places to fill so there may be an election.

An additional two vacancies are special appointees. The Council will choose someone to fill the space vacated by Merryn Smith. The Diocese will also pick Gail Sibley’s replacement.

The Council could appoint their own governing body if the Board continues to operate without a chair and vice chair, but ScillyToday understands the governors intend to make those appointments next Wednesday.

Some governors have been able to review a report written by a consultant head teacher from North Somerset. That’s the authority that the council, as LEA, contracts with for education support.

Councillors were offered a summary at a closed-door meeting on Monday.

John Sullivan interviewed staff and governors over the vote of no confidence by school staff and employees who did not sign the petition were also questioned.

ScillyToday understands that his findings don’t create a favourable impression of the former head teacher, based on feedback gleaned during the series of interviews over 10 days.


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