Council Want Say In Head Teacher Appointment

Mike Hicks, Chairman of the Council of the Isles of Scilly

The Council will want a say in the appointment of the next Five Islands School head teacher.

Council Chairman Mike Hicks told Radio Scilly news last night that the governors are responsible for driving the process and their board and the Diocese will make the final decision.

But Mike says, “because of the past problems, the local authority will have some involvement in checking out the credentials of any potential head.”

Mike doesn’t feel much will happen before the autumn term, though.

Yesterday, the Diocese confirmed that they will offer support to governors through the process leading to the appointment of any new head and their spokesman says, “they are very experienced in this respect.”

Mike says Council officers have requested a meeting with the Diocese and he wants to be present to, “pour some oil on the troubled waters.”

He says the Council have not heard from the Department for Education following MP Andrew George’s suggestion that they should mediate.

The Diocese say that, as the Custodian Trustee of the school, they must be consulted and kept informed of developments.


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