Updated: Complaints About Overflowing Bins

Businesses on St Mary’s are unhappy about the Council’s bin emptying schedule after gulls pulled rubbish from overfilled bins and spread the litter across The Strand and Hugh Street yesterday.

Katie Steggles from The Dairy told Radio Scilly she didn’t blame the bin men but felt it was an administrative issue. Katie says that she raised the same issue last year.

Rebecca Douglas went further, claiming the whole town looked a mess.

But in a statement, Chief technical Officer Neville Gardner, said that no complaints about overflowing litter bins have been raised with the Town Hall. He said the bins were being emptied first thing yesterday morning.

Neville says emptying the bins at the weekend is an additional cost and there would need to be demand.

The weekend collections will start later this month and will continue past the August Bank Holiday.

Neville says visitors sometimes cram holiday home waste into the litter bins and that prevents normal use. Overfilling the bins in that way provides an easy invitation to gulls who have learned that they can be a source of food.

In addition to the public waste bin emptying, Neville says the Council has been running their weekend waste collection since Easter. If commercial property owners sign up for a weekend collection their waste is removed on a Saturday.

Update Tuesday 10th July, 14:17:

Following Radio Scilly airing this story this morning, and Neville Gardner’s statement that there were no complaints about overflowing litter bins made to the Town Hall, we’ve had an email from Katie Steggles stating that she did email to complain to the Town Hall yesterday.

Terry Ward has also contacted us to say he called the Town Hall twice on Monday and the receptionist told Terry that she had received other calls on the matter.


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