Licensed Premises Escapes Closure

A licensed premises on the islands has narrowly escaped closure because the licence holder ‘forgot’ to tell the Town Hall that their Designated Premises Supervisor had left.

The DPS is the person who has day-to-day responsibility for the business and they have to tell the Council who it is.

The Council’s Administration Officer, Sue Pritchard told Thursdays Licensing Committee meeting that the business, which isn’t being identified, was able appoint a new DPS in time to remain open.

Local licensed premises will need to keep up to date with their paperwork after the Council has tightened its licence payment procedures.

The Town Hall will give licensees up to nine days from the due date to pay, after which their licence will be suspended.

The Council has also sent a leaflet to all licensed premises on the islands describing recent changes to the temporary event notices or TENs, which allow extensions to opening times and events such as live music to be held.

Businesses can now apply for a licence to stay open for up to 7 days continuously, an increase from the previous 4 days.

Licensed event organisers can have up to 50 TENs each year including 10 ‘late TENs’, which can be applied for up to 5 working days before an event.

Sue told members that there has been an application for one new premises licence and 42 TENs since February.

A number of new changes will also be brought in later in the year, including allowing anyone to object to a licence, not just those who live nearby and increasing the potential fines for selling alcohol to those under 18 years old.