Former Bishop Of Gambia To Give Talk

Reverend Paul Stephens

A well-known figure from within the Methodist Church has addressed islanders during services this weekend.

The Reverend Paul Stephens has served as the Bishop of Gambia in West Africa and he’ll share experiences of his role in a country, which is 95% Muslim, on Tuesday evening at 7.30pm at The Manse.

Paul last visited Scilly two years ago, where he was given the first donations for a church project he’s supporting in Africa.

And he was surprised when he was approached by two couples who had connections with Gambia during Sunday’s church services.

Paul applied for the post in The Gambia after he visited the country on holiday. He’s back in the UK now and, having visited the islands, he has offered his services as a locum or fill-in minister here, should Charlie need relief cover or leave the islands.

Paul says it would be sad if there wasn’t a full-time minister here, but he and a number of other people would be interested in any role in Scilly

His talk on Tuesday will offer a view on how The Gambia works and the strong religious convictions of the country.