Council Opens Books For Inspection

Islanders can inspect the Town Hall’s finances between now and the start of August.

Residents have a legal right to view and copy the Council’s books and look at contracts and receipts until August 1st.

There are some documents that are off-limits though. These include personnel records and some confidential material.

If you want to inspect the books you’re being asked to arrange a time by calling or emailing the Finance Department.

Questions or objections for the auditors who have the legal power to sign off the accounts can be submitted too. His details are below*.

Last year’s accounts were queried by some locals and the Town Hall has set aside around £49,000 to pay for the additional auditing fees.

*Simon Garlick, Audit Commission, Units 3 – 4, Blenheim Court, Matford Business Park, Lustleigh Close, Exeter, EX2 8PW.