Group Looking For New Tai Chi Instructor

University of the Third Age members

A group of thirty retired islanders and part-time workers are hoping to find an experienced tai chi instructor.

Members of the University of the Third Age expressed interest in sessions in the Chinese martial art from the initial meeting that formed the island’ branch last autumn but finding an instructor proved a challenge.

Members thought they would have to rely on using DVDs for the sessions but then the former school headteacher, Bryce Wilby, came forward and started teaching the group, which proved popular.

Now he has left the group has no leader and Ann Gurr says that’s a shame, as it proved popular.

Ann says it’s a very gentle and graceful way to exercise and found it better than going to the gym for a work out.

Ann said Bryce gave each of them an instructional DVD with the 108 movements that make up tai chi but, being beginners, they need someone to help them learn how to flow from one position to another properly.

And she says they’re very flexible with timings and can work around anyone who comes forward. If you can help call Ann on 422 224.