St Mary’s Hall Hosting Green Session Today

St Mary's Hall Hotel

Islands’ businesses that want to be greener can learn how to do it today during a lunchtime session at St Mary’s Hall Hotel.

Manager Joan Shiles would like more businesses to think about what they need to import and how to reduce the waste they have left over.

Transition Scilly will play back the documentary film called ‘Home’, which uses aerial shots to show how development is threatening the ecological balance of the planet, and keynote speeches from climate conferences will also be shown.

Carly Player will be on hand to show how waste can be turned into items of value, a process called upcycling. She’ll showcase her jewellery made from soft drinks cans.

And you’ll be able to see how the fine pellets processed from waste glass on Tresco can be reused, unlike the rougher glass found at the Moorwell dump. She said this will allow comparisons to be made about how well things can be done.

Joan says she wants to make islanders think about how they waste resources and prompt them into change. She said, being a group of islands, we have a delicate environment and we need to protect that.

Joan says she doesn’t consider her business to be green yet but she feels the hotel is moving in the right direction and she’d like other local firms to think what they can do.

Some islanders have argued against the effectiveness of recycling because of our location, costs and logistics here. Joan says a representative of the Steamship Company will be on hand to explain how they are working with the hotel in shipping waste back to the mainland for recycling.

The hotel will also display its wormery, which provides nutrient-rich fertiliser from kitchen waste.

Joan says if you put your mind to it you can find a way to recycle. There are obstacles present here that can make things difficult, she says, but with a bit of imagination they can be overcome.


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