Sports Facilities Getting More Usage

The new sports hall is getting more usage that it’s funders expected.

The success of the facility is measured by the number of users. Sport England had expected 3,000 separate sessions in the first year, but Council figures show there have been 5,200 visits.

Under 34 year olds and 50-59 year olds are least likely to use the sports hall and the Council say these groups will be targeted in the future.

The gym’s relocation to the new sports hall has also boosted user numbers. 31 islanders are now paying for the £25, monthly unlimited use scheme which is the highest recorded level of usage to date.

The sports hall and pool are proving popular according to the 50 Islanders that have sent back questionnaires.

The majority of respondents rated customer care, staff knowledge and cost as between average and very high. But 9 people felt the pool timetable availability was poor or very poor.

Users were have asked for better pool access and parking provision and Council staff say they are looking into that.

Some suggestions will be easier to fix. A mirror has been requested for the pool changing rooms and more fans are needed in the gym.