School Investigations Carried Out Correctly Says Chairman

The Five Islands School

The investigations carried out at the Five Islands School have been carried out correctly and all concerns will be answered in the fullness of time.

That’s the view of Council Chairman, Mike Hicks, speaking in an interview on Radio Scilly yesterday.

Mike said, because of the confidential nature of the issues at the Five Islands School, only four members have been involved and he believes the investigation has been performed correctly and any concerns will be answered in the fullness of time.

He said the time for an inquest is when the final audit report comes in and people should trust the Councillors to do that properly. And he said he and his fellow Councillors have a lot of questions to ask and they will get answers.

From Radio Scilly

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Mike feels that some of the concerns highlighted by Governors in a legal letter to the Council have been borne out of misinformation. He doesn’t believe that there has been a vendetta against the head teacher.

Mike says there has been no attempt by the Council to undermine the investigation at the school and he thinks that the contents of a confidential report from the auditors may have been leaked by Governors.

Governors have expressed concern that documents and computer equipment were removed by auditors without creating an original backup or copy, but Mike believes the auditors acted properly and within their remit.

Scilly’s MP, Andrew George, has said he’s still waiting for answers from the Council over several matters at the school but Mike says he has been kept completely up to date with developments at the school and he finds it surprising he would say that.

But he conceded that the MP might be right in suggesting a third party independent review as a way of reconciling the two sides.

Mike says he can also understand the concerns about the close relationship the Council have with Cornwall’s Legal Services department, but he said members also have an independent group of solicitors they can access through the Local Government Association and they’re being used at the moment.

And while he admitted the potential for legal costs to run into “many thousands of pounds,” he said the whole process won’t put an additional burden on the council tax payers.


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