Council Looking At Smaller Mixed Development For Carn Thomas

Old school site at Carn Thomas

New ideas for providing extra care housing are being considered by the Council.

The plan had been to develop small homes for the elderly, built around communal facilities on the former St Mary’s secondary school site, but funding hasn’t been found.

Aisling Hick told Tuesday’s Community Services meeting that Councils often sell parcels of land and use the cash released to fund projects like elder care housing.

But that isn’t an option here as the Duchy has a covenant on the Carn Thomas site. It’s meant to be used for education and although Hugh House would accept another community use, a commercial sale would not be permitted.

Aisling said the Homes and Communities Agency didn’t accept the inflated costs of building on the islands and other funding streams for a single site development haven’t come through.

She said the Council were, “laughed out of court” by the HCA.

Private investors would need to build forty units on the site and when they mocked up what that would look like, Aisling felt it wasn’t a viable option

Aisling says they are now looking at providing facilities on separate sites. Some extra care housing units on the mainland are bigger than Hugh Town so traveling from facilities in town to housing at Carn Thomas shouldn’t be such an issue after all.

The plan could now be to mix twenty affordable homes with some homes for the elderly or vulnerable. She said this would avoid the creation of a ‘ghetto.’

They’ll need to work out the funding timeline because if it will take over four years and the easiest solution will be to convert the school science block into accommodation.

Councillors accepted the update and have been told there’ll be more information when the plans develop.


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