Council Chairman Urges Trust In Councillors

Mike Hicks, Chairman of the Council of the Isles of Scilly

The Chairman of the Council of the Isles of Scilly says the public need to trust their elected members to what’s right.

In a special interview on Radio Scilly yesterday, Mike said people who have concerns about current problems, such as the issues surrounding the school, need to talk to the Councillors.

He said he feels Councillors are being vilified unnecessarily and people should rely on their elected members, “to do what they were elected to do,” says Mike.

Mike says members work hard for the community and he believes they should be, “cut a little slack” by the public and given more courtesy.

From Radio Scilly

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But he admitted that there’s so much going on at the moment that members have taken their eye off the ball in actually running the Council.

When asked whether he felt that members were being adequately informed about Council matters by the officers, Mike said he’s aware there are issues and he’s working hard to resolve them.

Councillors have raised eyebrows over a recent visit by Lord Taylor of Holbeach, where waste consultants SLR gave an overview of their strategy before it had come before the Council. It was also claimed that problems with the airport runway had not been reported to the correct committee in a timely fashion.

Mike said as Chairman, he should be informed about everything that’s happening, and by-and-large that’s taking place, although he said he’s heard things on the radio that he “didn’t have a clue about.”

But he added he now wants to “gain control” and make sure other Members feel the same.

Mike also defended the Council Officers, who he said are, “ordinary people who can be bruised by some of the accusations levelled at them, whether they’re guilty or innocent.”

He applauded Councillors Amanda Martin and Gordon Bilsborough for attending the first HEART meeting, adding he had been opposed to this at first but admitted it had turned out completely different to what he imagined. He thought it was simply going to be a protest over the suspension of the head teacher.

Mike says he’ll also take on board the contents of a petition that was been placed in Sports Mode on Wednesday and already has dozens of names.

Councillors are having an informal meeting on Monday to discuss it, although it will be behind closed doors. He says they’ll go through the issues “with a fine toothed comb” and he knows there will be some searching questions asked.

But he says it has to be held in private as they, “can’t air their dirty linen in public.”


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