MP Wants Minister To Mediate In School

Andrew George, MP

Scilly’s MP says he’s found a way which could help resolve issues at the Five Islands School.

Andrew George has asked the Department for Education to get involved and provide an independent investigation following the suspension of the head teacher.

He says he isn’t asking for them to take over the school though. He wants the DfE involved because of their understanding of education

The process has uncovered what the MP calls ‘underlying issues’ in the relationship between the Governors and the Council. Andrew feels that someone from the Ministry could mediate and work towards bringing both parties together.

Andrew was copied into the detailed letter of allegations and complaints that the governors sent to the Council. He feels there are a number of issues raised and a third party is needed to broker discussions into resolving matters.

Andrew says the detailed governors’ letter of allegations will need addressing and discussing and he hopes the parties involved will take up any offer of assistance that is offered.

Andrew says he feels a Minister may want to take on a mediation role to try and encourage constructive dialogue between the Council and Governors.

Andrew has been answering Radio Scilly listener questions about the investigation. He says strong views have been aired on both sides but he says he has not been made aware of anyone feeling threatened or intimidated during the affair.

Islander Ann Pearson asked the MP whether he had experienced such a high degree of staff discontent, referring to the 49 signatures on the petition against the head teacher.

Andrew says he hasn’t heard of such an action previously but there are workplace disputes in schools that he has been made aware of. When asked whether he would voice support for staff who signed the vote of no confidence, the MP said he applauds their work and would be happy to talk with them when he is over on July 19th.

He says no teachers have made contact with him so far.


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