Islanders Start No-Confidence Petition

Council Chief Executive, Philip Hygate

Islanders who feel unhappy about the way in which the Council in Scilly operates are demanding that the Chief Executive, Philip Hygate, is suspended.

So far a handful of locals have actually signed the petition of no-confidence inside Sports Mode but the Councillors are holding a special meeting to discuss the implication of it.

Organisers of the list, which is separate from the citizen action group HEART, say they want to collect 200 signatures to secure a Council debate on their contention.

A spokeswoman says organisers don’t want to be named directly but say they have signed the form.

The form cites discontent with chief officers’ pay, the purchase of a former garden and decor store and the amount of annual leave and time off in lieu accrued by some senior staff.

The petition makes a series of additional allegations relating to Council activities. There’s no target completion date.

Director of Finance, Peter Lawrence-Roberts, says Members will consider the petition at a meeting on Monday at 2pm. It will be held in closed session since it will involve the discussion of individuals.

It’s not the first time senior Council staff have been subject to a petition. The chief officers’ pay rises produced dozens of signatures two years ago.


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