Children’s Services Praised In OFSTED Report

The Town Hall

Hard work by the Council’s staff, directors and members in trying to improve measures to protect vulnerable children has been recognised and praised by OFSTED.

The Council was inspected by that agency and the Care Quality Commission. Both groups focused on measures to safeguard children and young people or children in care.

Five years ago things didn’t go well and OFSTED highlighted some areas of safeguarding as just adequate. Their latest report says today’s situation bears no resemblance to the quality of services reported then.

The report’s authors feel that Councillors champion the safety and wellbeing of children and take an interest in the children’s agenda.

Lead member for children, David Pearson, often speaks on behalf of the children and says it’s pleasing that the services have been praised by OFSTED.

Penny Penn Howard, the Director of Adult, Children’s and Community Services says, “these firm foundations can now be built upon to provide an even better service for the islands’ children and families in the future.”

The inspectors praised the way that the Council has put in place a series of measures to prevent a family reaching crisis point. They refer to joint working between the school nurse and a mental health worker in supporting youngsters who help as “a positive development.”

OFSTED realise that children in Scilly enjoy freedoms not available to kids on the mainland but our youngsters are still well informed about issues like ‘stranger danger’ and cyber bullying and the Council’s response has been sensitive to the unique situation on the islands.

Just two areas were flagged up for more work because they are currently seen as adequate.

The Council and Police need to work together more closely and performance management could be improved.