Search On For New Tourism Manager

Tourist Information Centre in Hugh Town

The hunt is on to find the person who can help arrest the decline in Scilly’s visitor numbers.

Today, online and trade press adverts are published as the islands’ new Tourism Partnership starts recruiting for the role of tourism manager.

They hope to find an experienced destination-marketing manager who can promote the islands and deliver the vision and plans of the new public and private sector organisation.

They’ll also have to remain on top of trends and developments in tourism, represent the islands in the media and oversee the brochure design. He or she will also engage with islands’ businesses so they understand the Partnership’s vision and, hopefully, support it.

Julian Pearce from the Council Economic Development team feels they need to find someone with web and e-commerce skills.

Chairman of the Partnership, Chris Gregory, believes that this role will be significant. He says that when the position is filled, his group will be able to deliver a cohesive and unified tourism strategy, which will help to safeguard the economic prosperity of the islands.

The position is possible because of over £120,000 LAG, European Union and Defra funding for the Partnership’s ‘Destination Scilly’ project.

The successful applicant will be offered a flat and will be paid around £35,000 a year.

Julian says that pay scale is realistic. One West Yorkshire tourism role was offering £10,000 less and they’ve even compared the package for similar positions elsewhere in Europe, including one in Italy.

Full job details are available from Chris Gregory at Hugh House. Applicants only have until July 18th to apply.


25 Responses to Search On For New Tourism Manager

  1. Katie F July 10, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    Okay; so clarify your point and respond to the one that I made. If you want a service that you have more of a say in, or are happy to buy into via taxation, would you be happy with a Local Authority proposal (or a community owned and operated) ship? I’m happy to clarify my point if you clarify which point you want me to clarify!! The one about travel to the islands or the one about travel between the islands? To the islands: yes, I think that the Scillonian is too expensive for what you actually get. If I was a mainland family with a couple of kids I would balk at the price. Between the islands: no, but I don’t pay the same price as most tourists. Again, if I was travelling to the islands with a couple of kids and it cost my family the best part of £30 to go between islands each day then I would definitely cut down the number of trips that I did in a week. Would that benefit the off island communities? No.

  2. Adam Morton,St.Martins July 10, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    I dont think thers much can be done about local travle cost ,everyones still got to make a living .Neither can the steamship co be blamed for going about their business.As I have said families will be put off by the price of air travle and with the discomfort of the Ship.As i have said before the only ones with the power ,contacts,and the money to make any perceivable difference is the IOS council.Talking of ring fencing is just sidstepping the issue,I doubt they have even tried reallocation.It was fifteen years ago that the replacement of the Scillonian was supposed to be imminent which supports my theory that baisicly its just not an issue that affects anyone not in the tourist trade(Off shore worker). Im not sure what your point is Katie F.St.Marys boat fairs sound quite good to me.Off island boats are more as they dont have anything like the trade that St.Marys ones do and have to run year round when its not profitable.There is no bus equivelent nor is there the trade to have one at present.I also dont realy care what councillors and staff do or are paid but would like just once to see somthing of tangible use.Off islanders have extra boat fares to contend with,25% higher freight costs than St.Marys.we have no streets that are swept , lit or maintained no bus services or any access to reasonably paid jobs in the city of St.Marys and we pay for our rubbish to be shipped to the moorwell alp! I am not complaining as I choose to live here,but I would like to see some tangible good done that would benifit all the islands,and not just tourists.With a regular high speed sea link to the mainland it would open up a whole new world to islanders,day trips to the mainland could be a reality our mail wouldnt be fogbound for days at a time,you could take delivery of a vehical rather than buying it and hoping for the best,a night out on the mainland would be a posibility for the more youthfull,commuting could even become a possibility for st.marys people.all these things are not viable on air travle even if you can get a flight.I dont want to be harsh to our councillors but who else is there with ANY power.I would like to do somthing about it I am not sure how,but snipeing at each others business skills and charges will not help.I do not necessarily think that tourism is the be all and end all,but whatever happens we need our travle link even if we all have to work away one day.

  3. Katie F July 9, 2012 at 11:03 am

    In addition to last; I’ve had a thought (they tend to be few and far between so humour me). Don’t boycott the boat. I had to take a 35 minute taxi ride across a city when I was on the mainland the other week and it came to just under £50. That’s probably a similar journey time as Martin’s to Mary’s but with more creature comforts for my driver. It’s my fault that I had to pay that much; I could have shared the cost if there had been more passengers or been responsible and left earlier and got a bus home (tripper boat equivalent I guess!) but I chose to leave late and suffer the consequences. With your £47 boat fare you could be sharing with someone else and only be paying a percentage or you could travel at a different time of day and pay the usual price. So, by the time that your boatman has got out to the boat, sorted it out, picked you up, paid for fuel, insurance, repayments (if there are any) and other associated costs he’s probably not taking home more than £30 (pre-tax… I’m going to assume he pays it!) for the best part of two hour’s work…

  4. Katie F July 9, 2012 at 10:45 am

    Ok… So what about having a local authority owned and operated ship? At least that way a) the profits for the ‘free’ boat aren’t going to the private sector and b) prices could be kept low. But as I say, funding is ring-fenced and not at a local level. So, Adam, the councillors that you “pick on” don’t necessarily have anywhere to move on those issues. As for the £47 taxi trip to St Mary’s… Don’t know who’s operating that but I’d suggest a boycott!!

  5. Adam Morton,St.Martins July 9, 2012 at 9:07 am

    I agree in an ideal world Katie F.But the IOSS co is private and has no obligation to serve the island cheap fairs so its no use moaning about it if thers no incentive,unfortunatly “the greater good ” never stands up as an argument that encourages most people.I believe that was the real reason the rout partnership failed because when ministers look at it it it looks like the company wants a brand new ship for free and it dosent actualy have any obligation to benifit anyone else.The reason I pick on the council is they are the only ones who have millions of goverment funding each year and when I ask any councillor what actual good it does me or any off islander who cant afford a £47 taxi trip each way to St.marys,the answer is um,er,well um.

  6. Katie F July 8, 2012 at 10:37 am

    £12+ return if you’re not local, I think? Does anyone know the actual price for a mainland adult and child? My sister in law recently spent around £30 getting herself, her husband and two kids to St Martin’s for the day so, to use Adam’s example, they could have got across on Pentland ferries for the same price as it cost to get to an off island! As regards travel TO the islands, I’m happy for the flight prices to be kept high but think that a) there HAS to be a cheap alternative. The boat is £160 rtn for a couple and often involves sitting in misery for the best part of 3 hours and b) the travel companies all need to think about parking prices on the other side. However, I think Adam’s comments on the council not spending money on some things and instead buying the IOS Steamship Co. a new boat are a little naive – local authority funding is ring fenced and I don’t personally see why our taxes (local and ‘federal’) should go towards easing the fiscal situation or lining the pockets of the directors and shareholders of the IOSSC!

    • Fiona Robson July 9, 2012 at 11:04 am

      Twelve pounds is the price for a trip around the Eastern Isles. Please remember fuel costs are a lot more here. Running costs and repairs are a lot more. When the weather is bad these boats are not full, the boatmen need to make a living. As regards travel to and from the mainland, the air fare when I was a child was a weeks basic wage, it is now half a weeks basic wage. Yes the boat fare is more but again, rising fuel prices, health and safety checks, life saving equipment and numbers of staff working have all increased. These costs have to be found from somewhere.

      • Katie F July 9, 2012 at 11:40 pm

        Fiona, I am local and am aware of the associated (no pun intended) costs. But better to make a smaller profit and enhance the likelihood of repeat business, perhaps? And with the Scillonian, the last ten times I’ve sailed on her she’s been far from full. Why not price seats at a rate that will fill her up? £50 rtn per adult would almost make up for the strong chance of vomiting! Finally, whilst I agree that the relative cost of flights has gone down (hence suggesting that they’re kept ‘high’ – it’s still a premium service) so has the cost of air travel elsewhere to places that are much more easily reached. A quick look at teletext holidays this evening shows an All Inclusive to a nice resort in the canaries for 7 nights travel included for £299pp. So, a whole week in guaranteed sunshine with attentive service for little more than it costs for 2 adult returns on the boat. Obviously I’d choose to come to Scilly but I can understand why struggling young families are choosing to stay away…

  7. Todd Stevens July 7, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    Restaurants, shops, Hotels and B&b’s here, generally endure lesser profit margins due to everyday frieght charges which I think are horrendous. Similarly these businesses here often have to provide staff accomodation too that their mainland counterparts do not. The quality of most are very good on the whole; from what my family have encountered here anyway. Try finding similar businesses on the mainland and in a comparable location- It does not exist. Our tripper boat services here are cheap too. £7 return is not expensive. Again- try finding a worthy comparison thats not susidised-you’ll find most are double that amount. Only our travel providers can justify their costs. Neither can I comment on the prices of self catering provders either.

  8. Adam Morton,St.Martins July 7, 2012 at 4:18 pm

    Whilst I have every respect for Mr Gregory and his teams good intentions its no use ignoring the time and again proven fact that its no use marketing scilly when the reason people are not coming has been made plain again and again–travle cost.Fact air travle = very expensive.boat travle = very uncomfortable and slow and not cheap.The other issue we hear a lot of is expensive car parking on the other side.I cant afford to spend best part of £500 for my family of four to go on holiday by plane and spending two and a half hrs between two kids puking up on the ship isnt a start and finish of a holiday i could recommend anyone.What we need is a fast stable ship that can do two trips a day and a family of four can get here and back on for a couple hundred quid at the click of a mouse.THEN you can advertise scilly with an ad on primetime national telly or get us a flashy website that pops up at the side bar of everyones pc.THEN it will be worthwhile getting everyone to clean up their act and offer better deals and service.Fact this will never happen as the steamship is shareholder owned with no competition and no obligations.and the sharholders are doing very nicly thankyou and most of scillies poulation are ;retired or nearly so,well off,or working offshore and using it as a holiday home,after that those on councill pay are unaffected.Probably 10% are directly affected which will never be enough to force any change.If you seriously want to change this,the council could stop wasting milions on public facilities and officers wages,and pointess air terminal upgrades,quay upgrades.and use it and their reserve to buy the company a new /different ship on the condition they kept the fares down.Out of interest look on the pentland ferries website scotland to orkney £14 per head four trips a day with no subsidy! I know its further to scilly but even so!! I do my best to keep my prices the same year on year but everything I use goes up,I dont think thers much more a lot of us can do unless the whole of scilly is manicured into a Tresco stiled estate or as is more likely becomes a retirment and seccond home resort.

    • Offshore Worker July 8, 2012 at 7:17 pm

      Terrible of us to work away like that. You forgot to mention that some of us don’t have to pay any income tax on our obscenely high wages; idle, skiving lay-abouts that we are.
      I’d better get the tax return done, I like the annual cheque from the Tax Man!!
      Cheers and Gone.

  9. Janet Pike July 6, 2012 at 8:19 pm

    I have visited the Islands most years since 1967, when we had young children prices for self catering were static throughout the year and it was always fully booked. In the early days it seemed to be necessary to get to the pub by midday to ensure you could get a seat. Up until about 3 years ago it was always possible to get a snack or basic lunchtime hot meal for a cheaper price than on the mainland. Suddenly the cost went up and the basic foods are no longer available. We used to have pub lunches most days but now we make do with home made sandwiches. This year we found the staff at places such as Pilcher Pit, Kavona and Juliets were not up to previous standards as the service was slow (although there were not a lot of customers).
    I agree with previous comments regarding the traffic, surely it is not necessary to drive at a high speed around the lanes. We had to jump into the grass on one occasion to avoid being hit by a taxi driver.
    Having said all that, there is no where else quite like Scilly and I will look forward to my next visit.

  10. Tony July 6, 2012 at 10:56 am

    I first visited Scilly in 1963. In those days, the only way to get in during July and August for the following year was to book on the day of departure. Some very good points made here: Scilly is now expensive compared to abroad. I was a little taken aback at the prices for meals when I visited in May – they have rocketed since my last trip three years ago. We have a major economic recession – all of the West Country is suffering as a result of it and the fourth lousy summer in a row. I have to agree with the comment about traffic in Hugh Town, it has taken the edge off St Mary’s for me. Scilly does not have immunity to this recession, it is vital for the islands to be proactive rather than reactive (as in all the cut-price deals that have appeared – not seen that before). Pricing must reflect the economic climate at the start of the season. First Great Western runs a travel deal – but it is poorly publicised. I suspect that for the first time in many years, the islands will have to start marketing themselves. A car ban in Hugh Town except for those running buinesses might help restore the tranquillity for which the islands were justly famed.

  11. Kastri July 5, 2012 at 11:24 pm

    The views I saw recently here that islanders do not see the value of cruise lines sort of sums it up. The view was that cruise ships are only in for 5 hours. the Scillonian is only in for the same but brings valuable day trippers who keep the tills ticking over in business. You simply cannot be choosy in tourism- it is too fluid.

    Scilly is a tremendous place I visit very often. Quite a lot of accommodation prices people out – there is a flip side of taking 12 months income in 6 months – the high price then knocks on for following years bookings.

    Very sad to see council and school issues which then dosnt help for sure. The appointment may help but there are some basic strategy and commercial planning issues to address which would turn this round.

  12. June Austin July 5, 2012 at 4:48 pm

    Once you get the islands costs are reasonably easy to control – yes accomodation can be expensive, but if you book in advance there is more choice and you will therefore get a better deal – it is cheaper to rent a flat and self cater than stay in a B&B and eat out night. I recently spent 2 weeks on the islands and rented a flat which cost £345 a week – the same as a b&b would have cost the same, with £15 each day on top for food. Eating out is for me an expensive and unncessary luxury reserved for special occasions only. I would rather spend my money on boat tickets etc.

    The real issue is the cost and the time it takes to get to the islands. If you live outside the southwest it is very difficult to do this in one day, meaning that you have to take extra days off work. This puts a lot of people off as holiday time is precious and needs to be spread throughout the year. As for the cost, it is cheaper to get a return ticket to Spain than a one way ticket from Lands End ! Yes I know that Scilly is worth it as most of us will agree, but if you don’t have the money, you don’t have the money, and you will have to go elsewhere …

  13. john anstee July 5, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    Why are tourism numbers down – that’s easy. Too expensive to get there, inter-island boat prices are a joke, there are few ‘ordinary priced’ eating out places and, as far as I can see, St Mary’s is a building site. The only thing that still looks good to me is the accomodation prices. Not coming on a staying holiday this year but I will miss it. I might do 1 day trip (used to do lots when the scillonian prices were sensible)

  14. Tamar July 5, 2012 at 2:18 pm

    I think you may have been ripped off Linda, Last time I got stuck in Penzance I paid £44 for B+B at The Union and £12 for all you can eat chinese. I know that I was maybe at the lower end, but the thing that Scilly lacks is budget accomodation.

  15. linda July 5, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    Compare please.
    2 nights ago had to spend 1 night in Penzance due to weather, paid £85 basic accommodation and £58 for 1 course meal including average bottle of wine.

  16. Richard July 5, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    My first visit to IOS was in 1978 when I came with my young family. At the time I was not highly paid but nevertheless I was able to save up enough to pay for helicopter flights and 2 weeks B, B & EM at Normandy. That holiday started a love affair with the islands that continues to this day and I now visit for two weeks in the summer and for another short break during the off-season. However I doubt that I could afford to make that first trip if I was starting all over again, and I suspect that this is the problem. If the costs are prohibitive for young families then the islands’ tourist industry has no future. In addition St.Mary’s is losing a lot of its appeal. It used to be almost car free and visitors could amble down the lanes without fearing for their lives. This is sadly no longer the case and soon the traffic and congestion in Hughtown will be as bad as it is on the mainland. That will be when I stop going to what used to a paradise on earth.

  17. Elizabeth Smith July 5, 2012 at 8:07 am

    As someone who comes to Scilly on holiday every year we absolutely love the place but year on year are finely that we are being priced out. For our family of three to visit for two weeks during the school summer holidays it costs nearly £2000 including ferry costs. It’s simply cheaper these days to go abroad. Why doesn’t someone look at the cost of accommodation and travel to the islands. If this wasn’t so expensive I’m sure more people would visit this beautiful place

  18. Nicola Cox July 4, 2012 at 6:41 pm

    There’s also, of course, the huge issues in the standard of a lot of accommodation which is incredibly costly to rent, compounded by the lack of places to eat good food in the evenings. Friends of ours recently stayed in a Sally Port flat that hadn’t been renovated for at least 30 years and paid £800 for the privilege. In the evenings, with the exception of Juliet’s, Speros, the Gig and Tolman’s, there was nowhere decent to eat. As much as the authority and the duchy can contribute, individual small business owners also need to sort themselves out.

    • Dave July 5, 2012 at 5:52 pm

      It’s all well and good saying that small businesses need to sort themselves out but at the moment we have lost two restaurants this year purely due to dwindling numbers. The reason the numbers are dwindling is because it is too expensive to get here. Lower the prices of travel, increase the number of visitors and more money will come in to all our coffers enabling small businesses to thrive. A very simple equation. However whilst the government won’t give us travel dispensation and the greed of our local travel companies continues to increase there is no way forward. One other thing, I haven’t even commented on the £8.20 boatmen association tickets. Disgusting!!!

  19. George Kershaw July 4, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    We have heard for the past decade that Scilly should move into the higher end of the tourism market.
    This is the future of Scilly we were told..
    It seems that maybe this vision is somewhat flawed and has alienated our year on year visitors that I call our “bread and butter” visitors.
    We need to offer better value across right the board.
    As Ritchie says get the basics right and you can’t go too far wrong..
    How about an small advert in the holiday sections of Saturday newspapers?

  20. ritchie July 4, 2012 at 1:12 pm

    Graham is right – you cannot expect a magic wand to be waved over in the form of another new officer to repair the years of damage done by neglect. Neglect of the bleedin obviouse, Scilly in some parts resembles a third world country. Clean the product up, give the customer good service at a sensible price and the people will come – its not rocket science. Our authority have taken their eye off the ball.

  21. Graham July 4, 2012 at 10:59 am

    Why do they need to find someone with ‘web and ecommerce skills’?

    See this is the problem, some excellent candidates will be turned away because of the blinkered view of the people selecting the candidates for interview. I dont mean that in a nasty way either, but everyone has their own ideas as to what will work and what will not, but its important that we enter into this with no preconceptions about what we need. If we already knew what we needed then we’d not all be worried about this current decline!

    I, personally, think that the way forward would be something like a Tourism Handy Team that can do the work of the DLF and make areas look pretty, or tidy. We need to be proactive about the landscape of the islands and look at ways of making the islands look beautiful and be accessible to those wishing to walk amongst that beauty. Waiting for the Council or Duchy to clear stinking seaweed off a beach, or cut back hedges, or fix a pothole in a footpath, or varnish benches, or cut grass, or etc…it’s just not sensible any more, it’s too important to leave to the DLF alone.

    The first job, in my view, is to stabilise the ship, and that means making the most of what we have here already. After stabilising the place, we can look at development of plans.