Refurbished Park House Officially Opened

Park House

A refurbished Park House was officially opened at 3pm yesterday by the resident who has lived there for the longest time.

Molly Warrilow cut the ribbon to declare the new lift, which was fitted last year, open.

Councillor Richard McCarthy told last night’s Community Services meeting that the event was a success and around 20 people attended. He said the changes have made a difference to the working environment.

Councillor Molly Peacock praised Director of Community Services, Penny Penn Howard, for overseeing the changes and Penny, in turn, commended the new Park House chef, Mark Twynham, whom she said was also contributing to the improvements.

The Council-run home has taken advice from experts in dementia care and leading elder care projects. Softer lighting, more use of colours and personalisation of rooms with different coloured room doors are part of the changes which were shown to visitors through a series of guided tours yesterday.

Ann Mumford of the St Mary’s Hospital and Community League of Friends described the makeover as ‘fantastic’. Ann says she didn’t recognize the home from her visits around a year ago as the use of colours and the new layout has transformed the rooms

Small bags containing random items to stimulate discussion have been placed on chairs and Ann says there are plans to provide residents with similar memory boxes.

Ann told organisers if they need funding for that, they only have to ask the League.