Lord Apologises For Scillonian Price Error

Lord Berkeley during the debate in the Lords

The Conservative Transport spokesman has apologised for telling the House of Lords that the return Scillonian III fare was £20.50.

In fact that’s a single for travel club members.

Earl Atlee was responding to Lord Berkeley’s request for islanders to have the same level of fare subsidy offered to Scottish islanders.

Yesterday Earl Attlee said he was very sorry about it, since it made his position appear stronger than it really was, to the detriment of Lord Berkeley.


One Response to Lord Apologises For Scillonian Price Error

  1. peter July 3, 2012 at 3:18 pm

    I should think so! Amazing how they get simple things wrong and still have the cheek to announce it on a national tv broadcast as if it was fact without checking if correct or not.
    Wonder if he will learn that “porkies” in the first place.