Headteacher Of Five Islands School Resigns

Bryce Wilby

The headteacher of the Five Islands School has resigned and will be leaving Scilly on Thursday.

Bryce Wilby was suspended from duties on May 19th over allegations of financial irregularities.

All investigations into allegations made against him have now ended and the Governing Body and Council have accepted his resignation.

Bryce was unable to answer our questions about financial settlements or the issues surrounding the investigation, following legal advice he has received, but he says he wasn’t fired.

Bryce says this period has been difficult. He said anywhere else, if you lived miles away from school, it would be bearable but here in such a small community it was harder as he and his family couldn’t talk to or be seen with anyone connected with the school.

This influenced his decision to leave, he says.

Bryce says the key thing is to do what’s best for the pupils and the school and he said he didn’t want this dragging on for months.

He said he can have a fresh start and everyone can, “move on with their lives.”

Bryce says the school is an amazing place and he’s proud of what he has achieved during his three and a half years at the Five Islands School.

They’ve managed a complete rebuild of the school, on-time and on-budget, with exam results improving year on year.

And Bryce says he has no regrets about coming to Scilly as headteacher, but will miss the friends he’s met here.

You learn from your experiences, he says, and he’s sure everyone else involved with this issue will do the same.

He has been unable to say goodbye to the pupils but he wishes them all well in the future.


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