Coastwatch To Start Monitoring This Sunday

Telegraph Tower, which will be used by Coastwatch

Coastwatch volunteers will start monitoring the waters around Scilly from the Telegraph Tower from this Sunday.

The group hasn’t managed to recruit enough people to operate an extended service so they’ll start for four hours each weekend from 2pm.

Murray Hodgson says that’s the busiest time of the week for local boating and they’ll review operations at the end of August. It’s still his hope to launch a larger and more extensive watch next year.

This weekend, recruits will be trained by former Coastguard manager, Denver Childs during Sunday’s session

The group need islanders to donate equipment and a spare pair of binoculars, around 10×50 magnification, would be helpful. Murray also says they need a ‘polaris’ type compass and a radio scanner.

Murray says he is disappointed that they haven’t had more people offer to volunteer, as he thought it would catch people’s imagination more.