Co-op Says Supply Problems Down To Weather And Lorries

The Co-op has said recent supplies issues at their St Mary’s store are down to problems with weather and broken-down supply lorries.

This follows a complaint sent to the company’s HQ from islands’ resident, Steve Manning, who said he was getting “really fed up” with the repeated shortages of fresh fruit, vegetables and chilled goods.

He said it seems to be happening more frequently and is having a negative effect on visitors to the islands, more of whom are staying in self-catering accommodation.

Steve said he believed the Co-op is, “letting the Islands down both in lack of support for the residents plus failing us in our effort to encourage people to return in future years and to recommend the Islands to their friends.”

He said people shouldn’t harass the local Co-op staff about it, who are powerless to change the situation, but he’s encouraging them to complain to the Co-op’s national management.

A spokesperson for The Co-op said: “We do our utmost to ensure our St Mary’s store is well stocked, and have deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables, and chilled produce, six days a week.

“Unfortunately, occasionally deliveries can be interrupted due to circumstances outside our control, for example if the ferry is unable to sail due to weather conditions, or, as has happened twice recently, delivery vehicles are unable to make the ferry having been delayed by mechanical problems.”


One Response to Co-op Says Supply Problems Down To Weather And Lorries

  1. Helen July 3, 2012 at 7:02 pm

    As someone who is involved in a business that relies on mainland deliveries, the recent weather we have been experiencing has made life incredibly difficult. Whilst missed deliveries mean empty shelves, the resulting catch-up deliveries mean a huge volume of stock to sort through and get out on the shelves when the shop is open and busy. Add to this the problem of sorting through the perishable stock that is not fit for sale. When you consider the volume of goods that go through the store, particularly during the next few months and the fact that we have recently lost the other main food retail outlet, I think the co-op do pretty well. Despite having computerised ordering systems, external problems will always dictate the supply and there is little we can do about it. I am sure that anyone running a ‘high-volume business’ on Scilly will agree with me.